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“Super fast delivery on complex data projects. Margera is our strategic partner for the long term.”

Elpidoforos Papanikolopoulos
 Head of Digital Presence 

Our Services

Digital Analytics

Your digital touchpoints are becoming more and more central to the experience you are offering to your Customers. We are helping you track, report and analyse how your Customers are using your websites and mobile applications so that you can optimise UX, campaigns and the overall business performance. 

Data Warehousing

Every business has more data than ever. They are stored, however, in more places than ever making the whole process of integrating these data in order to make meaning a challenging exercise. We help you connect, integrate and optimise all the data points either on premise or on the Cloud. 

Business Intelligence

In our era, it makes no sense having analysts manually create periodic reports; your Analysts should analyse the data and create insights. Using the right BI tool for your case, we plan, design and develop automated reports and dashboards that automate all your periodic reporting. 

Machine Learning

By successfully applying ML models a Company can improve forecasting, automate decision making and uncover opportunities for real-time personalisation. Irrespective of your analytics use case, our Team supports you in defining the right problem, choosing the right model and deploy into production. 

Data Engineering

As the use of data is becoming more prevalent in your Organisation there will be multiple instances of challenging data engineering problems from setting up pipelines, to automate cleansing or provide data for ML models. We help you solve these challenges while leaving a clear documentation so you can take this over. 


Our approach is to help you accelerate your data journey while upskilling your Team so they can take all the work internally. For this reason, we offer a collection of different training modules either product-specific (eg Google Analytics, Microsoft PowerBI) or data in general (AI foundation, Think Like an Analyst). 

Our Tools

We have (and continuously expand) our knowledge of an array of tools so that we can work in a product-agnostic way to support you in the tool that is right for you. 


Business intelligence software are tools that connect to your databases and visualise the data so they can be easier to consume by your different Teams. 

We have experience in:
Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Looker and Klipfolio


Cloud providers offer storage, compute and specialised services to support all your infrastructure needs. These days most Companies mover their infrastructure to the Cloud for a variety of good reasons. 

We have experience in:
Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon web services


Digital Analytics tools track and help you optimise the user experience on websites and mobile applications. 

We have experience in:
Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Optimise and Hotjar and optimizely

Our Clients

Philip Morris International

Publicis Groupe



Aegean Airlines

Piraeus Bank

Our Team

Our Team is comprised of Analysts and Engineers organised in a lean structure in order to support the needs of Enterprise Clients. By removing mid layers of communication, we offer our Clients direct access to technical talent resulting in faster project delivery and improved knowledge sharing. 



Margera is designed to be the place where smart and ambitious professionals get to work on increasingly complex data problems with significant Client value. To maximise everyone’s impact we are organised to have fewer meetings and more autonomy so that our Team has a lot of uninterrupted time to work in the “zone”. 


You need to be smart or know how to do something extremely well. Effort is important but to perform at the level needed in our projects one needs the raw mental capacity. 


We always deliver. We do not do analysis in order to have fun, but to identify insights. We do not write code in order to have fun, but to provide a solution. We are extremely practical and we always take into account how we can go faster. 


Although this might seem as “soft” to most companies, we pay a lot of attention into the character because this has a big impact in how nice and respected one feels in our Team, this helps us not to have politics and most importantly kind people are people open to feedback and there is no other way to growth than being open (and acting) on feedback. 


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